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 Medicínska chémia - odborná skupina 
Slovenskej chemickej spoločnosti

Odborná skupina Medicínska chémia vznikla v septembri 2010. 

Cieľom práce tejto skupiny je rozvíjať výskum a vedomosti v oblasti vývoja liečiv na Slovensku.

Stránka bude sústreďovať relevantné informácie o pripravovaných konferenciách, odborných seminároch, knihách, softvéri...

Najnovšie informácie z oblasti MCH nájdete v časti OZNAMY.

interné linky: VYUKA SS+MCH, DB,OUR GROUP


Naposledy doplnené informácie: 28.09.2018 (tu ) 


Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, Prague 27-30 Jun 2019



CHem-Zi casopis Slovenskej chemickej spoločnosti (30.01.18)


Základná terminológia vo farmaceutickej a medicínskej chémii
M. Remko, A. Boháč Farmaceutický Obzor LXXXV 2016 (5-6) 99-112 PDF (added 09.03.17)

Conference on the 65th Anniversary of Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava - 46th EuroCongress on Drug Synthesis and Analysis (CFPH 2017 Bratislava) Place: Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia Date: 5th - 8th September 2017, PDF flyer. (added 27.01.17)


10th Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry, 25-28 June 2017 Dubrovnik, Croatia venue: Hotel Sheraton in Srebreno (6 km from Dubrovnik)  FLYER

History of JMMCH (27.06.2017)
Dear Colleagues, I describe here briefly the history of and first steps we made in the organization of jmmc. In 1999, G Ronsivalle (Italy) proposed together with A Lipkowski (Poland) and G Toth (Hungary) to the respective national chemical societies to organize a joint meeting on medicinal chemistry to provide a forum for experts of three countries. Then, on behalf of National Chemical Societies of Italy, Poland and Hungary, Ronsivalle together with Z. Chilmonczyk (Poland) and P Matyus (Hungary) organized the first meeting in Taormina in 1999, among others, with a particular purpose to promote med chem, attract young scientists and foster relationships between medicinal chemists of the participating countries. By taking those goals into consideration, it is now also evident that it has never been planned to be a competiting but rather a complimentary event to efmc-organized events.  After Taormina, as decided there, the subsequent events have had a two-year distance (next two events were taking place in Budapest, 2001 and Krakow 2003). Since the first Meeting, new countries have been invited to join, accordingly, we have been significantly increasing in the number of participants, confirming optimism of the organizers who launched the series in 1999. The success of current Meeting and the discussion we had yesterday illustrate themselves that we have a future...Best regards Peter Matyus

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VYPOCET pKA  (18.11.2015)